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Apple Watch X (10): New Rumours in June

Itching for more Apple Watch Series 10 (X) updates? So are we. Here’s the latest round up of rumours and leaks for June 2024.
Apple Watch X (10): New Rumours in June

Apple Watch X Rumors and Features: What to Expect

As we approach the anticipated release of the Apple Watch Series 10 (rumoured to be called Apple Watch X), the excitement among tech enthusiasts and Apple fans alike is peaking. With each iteration, Apple has consistently raised the bar, and the upcoming Apple Watch X is no exception.

So, here’s a comprehensive look at the most compelling rumours and features we might see in the Apple Watch X, especially following the recent revelations from Apple's WWDC in June.

Design Overhaul: A Fresh Look

One of the most persistent rumours about the Apple Watch X is a significant design overhaul. Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that the Series 10 will be available in 45mm and 49mm sizes, up from the current 41mm and 45mm size options. Both sizes are expected to have a thinner design, and potentially feature a more squared-off design with even slimmer bezels, providing a larger screen area without increasing the overall size of the watch. Speculation has also emerged about a possible modular design, which would allow users to customise and upgrade certain components of the watch, such as sensors or battery, enhancing its longevity and personalisation capabilities.

MicroLED Display: Brighter and More Efficient

Apple is reportedly working on incorporating MicroLED technology into its devices, and the Apple Watch X might be the first to benefit. MicroLED displays offer higher brightness, better colour accuracy, and improved power efficiency compared to the current OLED displays. This could translate to a more vibrant display and longer battery life.

Advanced Health Monitoring: A New Frontier

Apple continues to focus on health and fitness, and the Series 10 is rumoured to introduce even more advanced health monitoring features. One exciting possibility is the integration of non-invasive blood glucose monitoring, which would be a game-changer for individuals managing diabetes. Additionally, improvements to the existing heart rate monitor, ECG, and blood oxygen sensors are expected, potentially offering more accurate and comprehensive health data.

Post-WWDC rumours also suggest that Apple is placing a significant emphasis on mental health. The Apple Watch X might include new features aimed at tracking and managing mental well-being, such as stress level detection using heart rate variability and advanced sleep tracking to monitor sleep patterns and quality more precisely.

Enhanced Processor: Power and Efficiency

With each new generation, Apple typically includes a more powerful and efficient processor. The Apple Watch X is rumoured to feature a new S10 chip, which could bring significant performance improvements and enhanced efficiency. This would not only make the watch faster but also contribute to better battery life.

Improved Battery Life: Longer Lasting Performance

Battery life has always been a critical factor for wearable technology. While the Series 9 made strides in this area, the Apple Watch X is expected to push the boundaries even further. The combination of a more efficient processor and the potential shift to MicroLED displays could result in a noticeable increase in battery longevity, possibly extending usage to multiple days on a single charge. 

New Watch Faces and Bands: Customisation Options

Apple is known for offering a variety of watch faces and bands to suit different styles and preferences. The Series 10 is likely to introduce new watch faces, leveraging the larger display for more detail. Additionally, expect new band materials and designs.

Software Innovations: watchOS 11

Accompanying the new hardware, the Apple Watch X will undoubtedly run on the latest version of watchOS, announced at WWDC. Rumoured features of watchOS 11 include enhanced sleep tracking, more robust fitness and wellness tracking capabilities, and new integrations with other Apple services like Apple Fitness+ and Apple Health. The software enhancements will play a crucial role in maximising the potential of the new hardware features.

Personal Safety Features

WWDC hints have also suggested improved personal safety features, such as advanced fall detection, crash detection, and possibly even a panic alert system that can send an SOS to emergency contacts and services.

So, when?

Apple is expected to unveil the Apple Watch 10 in September 2024, following its typical release pattern. While there's no official price yet, it may start at the same price as the Apple Watch Series 9, around $399 / £399 / AU$649. The price could rise if significant upgrades are introduced.

While these rumours paint an exciting picture of what the Apple Watch X might bring, it's important to remember that nothing is confirmed until Apple makes its official announcement. However, based on Apple's track record and the current trajectory of wearable technology, the Series 10 is poised to be a significant upgrade, offering innovative features and improvements that could further solidify Apple's dominance in the smartwatch market.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the official release. Whether you’re a long-time Apple Watch user or considering your first purchase, the Apple Watch X promises to be a compelling option worth keeping an eye on.